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As we've been reflecting on what God has done in our church over the last year, we have seen His overwhelming faithfulness. Without reservation, we have dedicated our lives to serving His Kingdom in this region, knowing that through the demonstration of God's power and selfless love, we can see a lasting and generational transformation.

This past year, we've seen God do such a magnificent work in people's hearts. Never before have we seen people more willing to lay aside burdens and distractions and desire for God to be first in their lives. It's these stories that inspire our hearts, fill us with joy, and cause us to marvel at God's goodness. What is even more beautiful is that it isn't just individuals but entire families. We've seen three and four generations of families coming to faith, surrendering their lives, and following Jesus. Witnessing this happen over and over again is the greatest privilege of our lives.  

So, as we look back and celebrate together, we invite you to not just thank God for what He's done, but take great joy in what you've been a part of. It's your time, your commitment, your serving, your leading, your generosity, and the invitations you extend to others that have welcomed God to move in the lives of people. The hours and generosity you pour into our church are helping us relentlessly pursue this region with the nearly too-good-to-be-true news of Jesus.

Now, we'd like to invite you to dream with us, for the work is not done. This is just the beginning! These are the days of blueprints, measuring, and anticipation. God has been so faithful, yet He is getting ready to do it again, and again, and again! We're going after those trapped in fear, darkness, and dread and bringing the hope of love without limits and the truth that sets us all free.

Josh & Brynn Copron